Lights along Southwest Freeway bridges coming soon

Color-changing LED lights across seven bridges will be turned on for the first time during the first week of February.

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Memorial to victims of LGBT violence finds home

A community request approved to provide Montrose Remembrance Garden with home in Avondale Promenade Park.

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Taiwanese President Visits Houston

Ellen was honored to meet President Tsai Ing-wen, the first female President of Taiwan.

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President of Taiwan!

Mayor Issues Statement on City Financial Report

Mayor says Houston must have a strategic long-term plan to achieve sustainable structural budget balance.

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Latest News

Jan. 13, 2017Office of Council Member Ellen Cohen

New SWAT Program to Improve Local Drainage

The Houston City Council has approved the creation of and funding for the Storm Water Action Team Program (SWAT), a new initiative that seeks to improve localized drainage with small-scale improvement projects throughout Houston. Continue Reading »

Jan. 13, 2017Houston Chronicle

Pretty lights along Southwest Freeway bridges will soon come online

Houstonians will soon have new dazzling lights above while they sit in standstill traffic along the Southwest Freeway.

Testing has been going on during the evenings lately, as many Houston commuters have reported.

The company behind the lighting project sent over some photos of the lights that have been sporadically engaged over the past few evenings. Continue Reading »

Jan. 13, 2017Office of Council Member Ellen Cohen

Planning Commission Public Hearings: Montrose SPA and Houston Bike Plan

The Houston Planning Commission will host two public hearings during their next meeting: a discussion on the Montrose Management District’s Montrose Special Parking Area (SPA) proposal; and one on the proposed Houston Bike Plan. Continue Reading »

Jan. 12, 2017Houston Chronicle

Officials vow zero tolerance for human trafficking

Houston’s mayor and regional law-enforcement officials said Thursday they plan to increase resources to combat human trafficking in the weeks leading up to the Super Bowl — and continue aggressive enforcement after the big game is over. Continue Reading »