Houston Jobs Economy Rebounds From Harvey With A Vengeance

Nov. 20, 2017Houston Public Media

Greater Houston added 43,200 jobs in October, more than during any single month on record, according to Workforce Solutions.

It comes after a month in which the region lost 16,000 jobs in the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.

Patrick Jankowski, regional economist with the Greater Houston Partnership, said neither number comes as a surprise.

“We are where we should have been had we not had the hurricane,” he said. “We lost jobs in July because there’s always lay-offs or job losses associated with teachers being off the salary, off the payroll. We lost jobs in August, September associated with Harvey.”

Many of the lost jobs were in construction and the hospitality industry. And so were some of the largest job gains in October.

“We knew that once things dried out and once people started shopping again and started going out to eat again, all these jobs would come back,” Jankowski said.

Another economist, Parker Harvey with Workforce Solutions was more surprised.

He noted that employment growth in October was more than twice that after Hurricane Ike in 2008.