City Of Houston Looks At Ways To Get More People On Bikes

Jul. 8, 2015Houston Public Media

The proposed changes to Houston’s Bike Plan would be the first in over 20 years. Appearing on Houston Matters, Planning and Development Director Patrick Walsh says they’re looking at several areas: safety, access to bike paths, and mantaining the current bike facilities. 

And as the city grows more dense, Walsh says they want to encourage more people to ride bikes.

“And I think it’s great to set a benchmark. Do we want to double our ridership, triple our ridership? Where do we want to head? And I think it’s important to set a good realistic goal there that we can aim towards,” says Walsh.

Walsh says the city already has a bike network that can get you lots of places. But a lot of those facilities are classified as “low comfort.” That includes bike trails that don’t meet current standards, or bike lanes on busy streets.

“When you start taking away those low comfort facilities and you’re just looking at the high comfort network, that’s when you really start to see the problems,” says Walsh. “You start to see the gaps in the network.”

Those changes to the bike plan are expected to be approved next spring.