City Of Houston Seeks Input As It Develops New Bike Plan

Jun. 23, 2015 in News Articles

The city has launched a year-long process to update a bike plan adopted in 1993.

Cathy Halka with Houston’s Planning Department says the city currently has a strong system of off-street trails through the Bayou Greenways program and they’re looking for ways to expand it. 
Houston Bike Plan Logo“We have some opportunities as well with a recent agreement to utilize power line corridors, which primarily include some great north-to-south connections. So there’s the basis of a grid which we begin to see across the city,” says Halka.

Halka says they’re also looking at the needs of on-street riders.

Three of them have been killed while cycling on Houston streets recently, and Halka says they have to find ways to help cyclists feel more secure.

“Safety is a big part of feeling comfortable, and having a designated space if you’re on street, or having a clear understanding as a person on a bike or a person driving a car, how to get along a key intersection along a route,” says Halka.

The next public meeting is Tuesday (6/23) at 6 p.m. at the Baker-Ripley Center located at 6500 Rookin Street.

Halka says they hope to have a final plan ready for adoption sometime next spring.