Have Opinions On Houston’s Arts And Culture Community? The City Wants To Know

Mar. 24, 2015Houston Public Media

One thing is clear, the city wants your feedback.

“Let the community inform the city (about) what it would like to see, in terms of arts and cultural programs, projects, plans, (and) initiatives that the city might help facilitate, be engaged with, or support,” says Minnette Boesel from the mayor’s office. 

Residents are encouraged to attend a citywide town hall meeting Wednesday night to interact with city officials in developing the Arts and Cultural Plan. They started sketching out the blueprint about a year ago.

“The mayor determined that she wanted to have an arts and cultural plan done for the city and many cities across the country — Denver, Los Angeles, Chicago, (and) Sugar Land — have done arts and cultural plans,” Boesel explains.

She adds that one of the primary purposes of the plan is to assess how the city’s investments can affect the arts and cultural landscape of Houston. It’ll serve as a major component of the city’s general plan, which they hope to have adopted by city council in August.

The town hall meeting is March 25th from 6:30-8:30 p.m. at the Metropolitan Multi-Service Center, 1475 West Gray Street.