Draft Goals For Houston’s General Plan Is Making The Rounds To Civic Groups

Jan. 28, 2015Houston Public Media

Public engagement has begun on the first general development plan in the City of Houston in decades. Jennifer Ostlind with development services described the outline she hopes will help the city put together the comprehensive plan, which includes looking at the economy, the environment, education and growth in future decades.

“And we hope to get feedback over the next couple of months on that vision and goals,” said Ostlind, a manager in the Planning and Development Department. “The vision and goals are based on prior efforts, so we want people to tell us if we heard it right, if we got it right.”

Ostlind fielded questions from the group Livable Houston. “…a group that is very tuned into to planning issues.”

She says it’s part of an effort to get as much public input about the plan as possible.

“We want to hear from other people…who may not be tuned into planning issues,” Ostlind said. “And that’s one reason we will be out at festivals all over town and all the quadrants, at fun runs or any event we can find where people are going to be, because this is important to everybody.”

She hopes the plan will improve decision making for future leaders. The final plan is set to be presented to the city council this summer.