Mayor Parker helps launch Mayors National Climate Action Agenda

Sep. 22, 2014KPRC-TV

Houston Mayor Annise Parker along with the mayors of Los Angeles and Philadelphia are launching the Mayors National Climate Action Agenda.

The initiative is intended to show that emission reduction projects are essential and must be embraced across the country. 

Cities are responsible for 70 percent of all greenhouse gas emissions (GHG). Parker, along with Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter will initiate a mayor-to-mayor, city-to-city outreach effort to bring mayors together over the coming year to develop a shared framework for local leadership and action.

All three cities and many others have dealt with extreme weather, including record droughts, flooding and storm surges in recent years.

“Houston has shown strong leadership in reducing our emissions by 32 percent since 2007,” Parker said. “Houston has proven that it can maintain its title as the energy capital of the world while at the same time pursuing green policies that lift our reputation as a leader in sustainability.

“Our achievement is a great start, but we must not stop there. Along with Mayors Garcetti and Nutter, I will work to ensure hundreds of mayors join our effort.”

Parker is also committing to another 10 percent GHG reduction by 2016. The city has also launched a $205 million Bayou Greenways initiative that will add 4000 acres of new greenspace that can also serve the dual purpose of providing recreation and flood control.