This Week at City Hall

Aug. 1, 2014Office of Council Member Ellen Cohen

Vehicles for Hire Proposal Revisited

At a meeting of the Technology, Transportation, and Infrastructure Committee, Council reviewed Houston’s proposed vehicle-for-hire regulations. If approved, transportation network companies (TNC’s), such as Uber and Lyft, would be allowed to operate in our city alongside taxi, bus, and limousine companies. Revisions include:

  • a requirement that the TNC customer service liaison’s contact information be available on both their app and the receipt provided
  • a requirement that the TNCs must transport passengers to all destinations located within the corporate limits of the city.
  • creation of the Houston Transportation Accessibility Task Force
  • a requirement that 2% of the entire vehicle-for-hire fleet be comprised of wheelchair accessible vehicles.

Council is expected to vote on the ordinance on August 6, 2014.

On the Agenda

Council approved the extension of a contract with Rice University to continue the study of “low impact development” (LID) drainage methods in the Cottage Grove neighborhood of District C. Unlike traditional drainage infrastructure, which relies on concrete pipe, LID designs use natural features, pervious pavement, and engineered swales covered with vegetation to contain and manage runoff. Evaluation of the maintenance feasibility, life cycle costs, and neighborhood impacts of this pilot program will continue through December 31, 2014.

What’s Happening in the District

The 8th annual White Linen Night in the Heights will begin at 6:00pm on Saturday, August 2nd. This iconic District C event highlights artists and businesses local to the eclectic neighborhood that is the Houston Heights. Festivities will include live music, artisan booths, and refreshments along the major Heights business corridors including Heights Blvd, Yale St, 19th St, White Oak Blvd, and more. Admission is free and attendees are encouraged to wear white.