Houston library, parks to announce new no-smoking rules

Jul. 23, 2014Houston Chronicle

Houston library and parks staff will announce new n0-smoking regulations to City Council members on Wednesday.

It’s not clear exactly what the new regulations will entail, but Library Director Rhea Lawson is likely to follow up on a briefing she gave council in February about expanding the smoking ban to include tobacco products of any type on library premises.

At the end of last year, City Council gave the library director the authority to implement rules governing conduct at all 42 of the city’s library locations and expanded the area where those rules would apply, from inside the buildings to include all library premises. Smoking already is banned inside library buildings  and within 25 feet of the entrance.

The parks department has  has similar authority over conduct on its grounds.

Council members will  be briefed at a 2 p.m. quality of life committee meeting Wednesday at City Hall.