Greater Heights Super Neighborhood makes a “drastic change”

Jul. 16, 2014Heights Leader

The Greater Heights Super Neighborhood Council (GHSNC – Super Neighborhood 15) voted on Tuesday night for more effectiveness and fewer meetings.
“We weren’t well-served with a meeting format such as the one we had,” said GHSNC president Mary Abshier.

The Super Neighborhood voted unanimously to meet once per year and as needed, as opposed to meeting every month. They still have the option of hosting social events and guest speakers whenever necessary.

The annual meeting will be held on Feb. 17, 2015, and SN 15 delegates will communicate with each other throughout the year as issues arise.
“Information from meetings can be conveyed in e-mails that take 20 seconds to write,” Abshier said.

In theory, GHSNC is comprised of 12 Heights area civic clubs and homeowner’s associations, but only half of them have representation on the council.
There is little to no input from citizens, unless a major issue is brewing.

Abshier, who agreed to remain president as long as the new format was adopted, said GHSNC will now work to establish task forces and action committees so citizens (from different neighborhoods within the SN) interested in specific causes can work together.

The City of Houston created Super Neighborhoods in the late 1990s with the premise being that it would be easier for politicians to address leaders from 12 neighborhood associations, rather speaking to 12 separate civic clubs.

SN 15 was reactivated five years ago when U.S. Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Houston) wanted to engage with the area’s Super Neighborhood to help solve the problem.