Single-Stream Recycling Expansion 2014

May. 21, 2014Ellen Cohen

I’m pleased to announce that the Single-Stream Recycling Program will be extended to over 60,000 additional households throughout Houston. More than 15 District C neighborhoods will receive their 96-gallon green bins over the next few weeks, including portions of Lazybrook,Timbergrovethe HeightsRice Military, and Boulevard Oaks.

The Solid Waste Department has provided a mapping tool that enables residents to check whether their homes are included in the latest expansion and when their new service days will be.

More good news for this program: within Mayor Parker’s recently released budget proposal for FY2015 is the recommendation to expand single-stream recycling to all of Houston. If this measure is approved by Council, by the completion of FY2015 (which ends June 30, 2015), all homes in our city will enjoy this program.

Happy recycling!