This Week at City Hall

Nov. 1, 2013Office of Council Member Ellen Cohen

Pilot Program Partners with Civic Groups to Target Weeded Lots

Through the new Department of Neighborhoods Mow-Down program, civic groups and non-profit organizations will be able to partner with the City of Houston and Keep Houston Beautiful (KBH) to address overgrown abandoned lots in their neighborhoods. Participating groups will be paid a fee of $75 for the mowing of City-approved abandoned lots, and KBH will provide access to tools and equipment for these projects. For more information on how to apply for this program, please email

New Safety Plan for Lanier MS

In response to an audit of traffic, parking, and safety at Lanier Middle School, the City of Houston and the Houston Independent School District have partnered to develop an updated safety plan for the school. Beginning in early November, signage will be updated on streets adjacent to the Lanier campus to ensure a safe environment for pedestrians and motorists. There will be an educational period to allow parents, students, and residents to adjust to the changes, and enforcement is expected to begin December 2nd, 2013.

Complete Streets for Houston

Mayor Parker plans to sign an Executive Order to direct City efforts toward achieving ‘Complete Streets,’ which emphasize the need for safe transit for pedestrians, bike riders, and public transportation users, as well as motorists. City departments including Public Works and Engineering and Planning and Development will strive to take in to account all road users when planning, building, and repairing streets throughout Houston.