This Week at City Hall

Oct. 11, 2013Office of Council Member Ellen Cohen

Complete Streets Debut in District C

Council Member Cohen joined Mayor Parker and the Midtown Redevelopment Authority to announce the first Greenroads Project in Texas. The project, located in District C, has achieved Silver Certification for its high level of sustainability. Bagby St. between St. Joseph’s Parkway and Tuam St, as well as Pierce St. between Baldwin St. and Brazos St, are being revitalized as ‘Complete Streets,’ which emphasize the need for safe transit for pedestrians, bike riders, and public transportation users, as well as motorists. The project will utilize regional and recycled materials in its construction and will also feature the installation of rain gardens, artistic elements, and LED lighting.

On the Agenda

Council authorized the Houston Police Department (HPD) to apply for a $400,000 grant from the Governor’s Criminal Justice Division for Houston’s Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force. This assistance, which does not require City matching funds, will allow HPD’s Juvenile Division to increase their number of arrests of persons who victimize children through sexual exploitation on the internet, and to rescue additional child victims to prevent further abuse.

What’s Happening in the Annex

Council Member Cohen met with leadership from Johnston Middle School, Lanier Middle School, Pershing Middle School, and Mark Twain Elementary School to examine various issues at their respective campuses, including vehicle and pedestrian safety, traffic control, and parking. Discussion centered on options for tailored solutions for each school, including utilizing resources from the City’s Parking Management Division and the Houston Independent School District Police Department, as well as the potential for a Public Works pilot program to increase pedestrian safety in school zones.