WOW Roundabout supporters optimistic about the future

Sep. 28, 2013Heights Leader

The Washington on Westcott Roundabout is more than just a circle to drive around for a group of local residents.

Washington on Wescott Roundabout Initiative Inc. is a nonprofit organization that was founded in 1998 to beautify the area.

According to its website, WOW is a public private partnership that was “created to promote revitalization of our inner-city neighborhoods…the close working relationship between WOW and the city make this project unique in its process and distinct in its results.”

It’s not a city of Houston park, and all of the improvements — lighting, plants, benches, irrigation and two sculptures are maintained by WOW.

WOW Board of Directors president Phyllis Thomason said WOW is currently working on raising money for a third and final Light Garden Stainless Steel Sculpture.

They’re also working with Councilmember Ellen Cohen to fix up and rebuild the circulatory roadway that’s in ill repair.

“We are a landmark that creates a gateway to Washington Avenue, which is becoming an entertainment district,” Thomason said.

Thomason said she’s encouraged by the fact that Greystar Development has purchased the Memorial Club Apartments, which are adjacent to the roundabout. They’ll begin redeveloping it within the next few months.

“Initial reports have stated that along with the luxury apartments will come retail, which the neighborhood desperately needs,” Thomason said.