This Week at City Hall

Aug. 9, 2013Office of Council Member Ellen Cohen

Pensions Discussed by Council Committee

Council Member Cohen and her colleagues reviewed figures regarding the City’s growing pension obligations at this week’s Budget & Fiscal Affairs Committee meeting. City pension consultant Craig Mason provided an analysis of the current state of and future cost projection for paying benefits of all current retirees and employees.

Houston Chronicle Article on City Pensions > >

On the Agenda

The Esperanza School is located on Roy St. in District C, which is included within the boundaries of the Washington Ave. Parking Benefit District pilot program initiated in 2012. When an application to make this street a 24-hour residential parking permit (RPP) area was received by the Public Works Department, the District C office received a great deal of feedback from parents and teachers of the Esperanza School who park along the street during daytime hours. After much hard work on the part of the District C team, PWE, and neighborhood advocates, this week Council authorized an RPP for this street that provides a compromise by protecting residents from unwanted parking during peak overnight hours, while allowing daytime parking for the school.

What’s Happening in the Annex

The District C office was notified this week that the Houston Police Department is now accepting applications for the Citizen Police Academy. The Academy gives citizens a snapshot view of how HPD operates, providing an overview of different police disciplines each week, including Bomb Squad, Criminal Prosecutions, and SWAT Detail. All classes are free of charge and citizens can apply online to participate.