Be Part of the Blitz!

Aug. 13, 2013Ellen Cohen Campaign

The filing date is now open, and I’m pleased to announce that I’m officially registered to run again for District C Houston City Council Member! If victorious on Election Day, Tuesday, November 5, 2013, I’ll have the honor of serving the citizens of District C for a second term.

Be a part of the Blitz!
Display a Cohen Campaign yard sign at your home or office. ยป

The deadline for all candidates who wish to file for office is in two weeks. The Cohen Campaign is primed and ready to do all we can in that short time to show the depth and breadth of support we have in this great community. But, we need your help!

People may not notice one yard sign while running an errand or commuting to work, but voters will notice when many signs are placed in a concentrated area in a short period of time. Will you help us with our yard sign ‘visibility blitz?’

You have influence in your community. When you display a yard sign on your property, it is a powerful testimonial that makes your neighbors more likely to support my reelection.

Thank you in advance for helping me demonstrate the Cohen campaign’s momentum and for your continued support for my public service.