This Week at City Hall

Jul. 11, 2013Office of Council Member Ellen Cohen

Houston Considering Commercial Spaceport

Council Member Cohen and her colleagues on the Budget & Fiscal Affairs Committee received a presentation from Director Mario Diaz of the Houston Airport System regarding the viability of planning for a future commercial spaceport in Houston. Director Diaz noted that Houston’s Ellington Field Airport is particularly well-positioned for becoming a global hub for commercial spaceflight due to Houston’s current aerospace infrastructure within the NASA community and our proximity to the Gulf of Mexico and Latin America.

On the Agenda

Following a recommendation from the Public Works & Engineering (PWE) Department, Council awarded a contract to TIBH Industries, Inc. for grounds maintenance services at approximately 410 PWE water production and wastewater facilities throughout our city. TIBH Industries, Inc. serves the Houston community through their commitment to priority hiring for disabled veterans from the Iraq, Afghanistan, and Bosnia conflicts.

What’s Happening in the Annex

Shepherd Forest is a small community located between the 610 North Loop and Oak Forest. Leadership from the Shepherd Forest Civic Club, including President Jennifer Woodruff, visited the District C office this week to discuss concerns such as easement maintenance, abandoned homes, and other issues that affect the neighborhood.