Oak Forest about to join revitalized Super Neighborhood

Jul. 12, 2013The Leader

Oak Forest residents approved a measure for the Oak Forest Homeowners Association to join the revitalized Super Neighborhood 12, which also includes Garden Oaks, Shepherd Park Plaza and several local neighborhoods.

Alicia Nuzzie requested that she be Oak Forest HOA’s representative at the meetings, which was also approved during a meeting in front of 70 people on Monday night. The first quarterly meeting for SN 12 will take place in August or September at the Houston Solid Waste Management Department, 1245 Judiway Street.

“Anytime you have a larger group of people coming to the table, the area will benefit,” Nuzzie said.

Oak Forest hasn’t been part of a Super Neighborhood in the past, but SN 12 was started three years ago by its president, Mark Klein, who’s also president of the Garden Oaks Civic Club.

Klein said the civic clubs in the area are “pretty strong”, so people didn’t see the need for a Super Neighborhood council. But other areas have benefited from it.

Klein said two of the issues that he’d like to see addressed are beautification of major thoroughfares and the quiet zone on 34th Street.

The SN is made up of 16 neighborhoods, including Candlelight Plaza, Candlelight Estates Section 1, Shepherd Forest, Mangum Manor, Oak Forest, Garden Oaks Forest Pines, Forest West, Candlelight Oaks, Candlelight Woods, Candlelight Place, Candlight Oaks Village, Ella Lee Forest, Pinemont Park Square, and N Shepherd Business Association.

The goal for Klein, Nuzzie and longtime SN leader Chuck Blesener of Shepherd Park Plaza will be to get involvement from the aforementioned neighborhoods.

Klein said Shepherd Park Plaza, Garden Oaks, Oak Forest and Candlelight Estates are already committed to it.

“We have a pretty robust group of people,” Klein said. “That’s a great start, and it can only lead to bigger things.”

Although there haven’t been many meetings in the past couple of years, Klein still attends Super Neighborhood Alliance meetings and meets regularly with councilmember Ellen Cohen.