Heavy Trash Pickup Streamlined

Sep. 18, 2012Council Member Ellen Cohen

We consistently receive inquiries from District C residents about the heavy trash pickup schedule. And more often than not, folks describe the current schedule as chaotic and confusing, and say that they’d like to see a change.

That’s why I’m pleased to announce that the Solid Waste Department, which governs heavy trash pickup, has listened to your feedback and redrawn the pickup routes to increase efficiency!

The new schedule, effective November 1, 2012, groups neighborhoods together so that larger contiguous areas will share the same heavy trash pickup day.

Should Solid Waste miss your junk waste or tree waste, it will now be easier for them to return to your home the same day, since they will still be in the neighborhood. The increase in efficiency means budget savings in terms of fuel and maintenance.

As a reminder, your heavy trash collection day will change, but the month will not. Tree waste will still be collected in odd-numbered months, and junk waste will still be collected in even-numbered months. Also, the collection schedules for other Solid Waste services, such as garbage and recycling, will not change.

It’s gratifying to work as a council member with a city agency to tackle a problem and improve resident services. Thanks to all of you who brought this issue to my attention.