Women To Watch on Election Day

Nov. 7, 2011By Kathy Groob, Publisher ElectWomen Magazine

Tuesday, November 8th is Election Day for local and state elections in several states. Kentucky is holding statewide elections, and two women are vying to keep at least one female holding statewide office in the Bluegrass state. Mississippi is holding statewide and legislative races and feature several women running for top offices including 44 women running for House and Senate seats. New Jersey and Virginia are holding elections for their state legislatures. In New Jersey, 67 women are running for senate and assembly member seats. Virginia has 35 women on the ballot for house and delegate seats.

Following are some of the women we will be watching for their results on Election night:

Janice Kovach –running for mayor of Clinton New Jersey

Annise Parker – running for re-election as mayor of Houston Texas

Alison Lundergan Grimes – in her first race running for Kentucky Secretary of State

Roxanne Qualls – former mayor and current vice mayor running for re-election to Cincinnati City Council

Miriam Martinez – running for sheriff in Mercer County New Jersey

Melina Kennedy – running to become the first female mayor of Indianapolis

Yvette Simpson – running in her first race for Cincinnati City Council

Ayanna Pressley – running for re-election to Boston’s City Council

Susan Sandberg – running for re-election to Bloomington Indiana’s city council

Connie Moran – running for state treasurer of Mississippi

Eileen Brady- running for mayor of Portland Oregon

Edna Jackson – after serving as city alderman, she is running to become the first female mayor of Savannah Georgia

Ellen Cohen – former state representative running for Houston City Council

Paula Harris – Houston Independent School Board President running for District IV Trustee

Amy Brendmoen – in her first race for St. Paul Minnesota City Council

**To view WomenWinning’s entire slate of Minnesota candidates, click here.

Check in election night and on Wednesday for all women candidate election results at http://www.electwomen.com.