The Voice of the Community

Aug. 19, 2011 in News Articles

Dear Friend,

Listen…can you hear that? It’s the sound of a city growing. Despite the economic downturn, Houston is moving forward. Its residents have a lot to say and if we want our progress to continue, we must listen.

If a city is only as strong as its neighborhoods, we’ve got reason to be hopeful. All around us, communities are organizing and building coalitions around their issues. They are coming together to meet with leaders and to foster the collaboration between residents and elected officials.

I learned that this type of collaboration is essential as a state legislator listening to the constituents I represented then. Now, I’m reminded of it every day talking to people in District C who I hope to represent in the future.

Can you lend a hand by lending an ear and block walking this weekend?

Knocking on doors and visiting with constituents one-on-one gives me an opportunity to find out what issues are weighing on the minds of the community and also to share my vision for Houston’s future.

Will you donate a few hours of your time this weekend to help us visit with residents of District C?

I pride myself on being a problem solver. I look forward to working closely with my neighbors in District C to find solutions to the challenges we face, and to find ways to make the District strong, viable, and influential in city government.