Rep. Cohen & Other Legislators ask President to Send Military Aircraft for Border Surveillance

Sep. 3, 2010 in Press Releases

Rep. Cohen, along with eighteen of her colleagues, sent a letter to the President requesting military aircraft to help secure the border.

The letter asks that operational control of two MC-12 aircraft be transferred to the Texas Air National Guard, noting that this type of aircraft is packed with invaluable electronic surveillance equipment. The legislators also requested that crew training for the MC-12 be transferred to Texas. Such transfers would not only aid the effort to secure our borders, but would also provide a more appropriate training ground for our troops.
“We can address border security issues by working with the Federal government to determine sensible solutions. Transferring operational control of two MC-12 aircraft to Texas is a practical response that will help secure the border by reallocating existing resources,” said Cohen.

A copy of the letter can be viewed here.

It is signed by Representative Valinda Bolton, Representative Ellen Cohen, Represenative Kirk England, Representative Stephen Frost, Chairman Veronica Gonzales, Chairman Mark Homer, Representative Donna Howard, Representative Eric Johnson, Representative Carol Kent, Representative Diana Maldonado, Chairman Jim McReynolds, Representative Jose Menendez, Representative Robert Miklos, Representative Paula Pierson, Chairman Allan Ritter, Representative Kristi Thibaut, Representative Chris Turner, and Representative Allen Vaught.