Ellen appears on “Make It Happen With David Lorms”

Oak Forest resident David Lorms' and Ellen discussed her time at the Houston Area Women's Center, breast cancer awareness, HERO, and more!

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Celebrating Mandell Park

The refurbished park will have an expanded organic community garden; a state-of-the-art compost station; tree-lined walkway and garden center.

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Mandell Park

Dedicated bike lane coming to downtown Houston

Plans are to convert one lane of Lamar Street to a two-way cycling route.

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bike lane

Quality of Life Committee Meets

The Council Committee on Quality of Life discussed the Starkweather Historic District and CIty mobile food unit regulations.

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Stay Informed This Week!

Decisions made at City Hall affect you and your neighbors.

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Latest News

Aug. 29, 2014City of Houston

The Houston Fire Department Encourages a Safe Labor Day Weekend

The Houston Fire Department wants citizens to have a fun and safe Labor Day holiday and not a tragic one.

Improper use of a barbeque pit or improper disposal of barbeque coals, ashes or briquettes and carelessly discarded smoking materials can easily ignite outdoor fires and catch nearby structures on fire as well. Continue Reading »

Aug. 28, 2014Houston Public Media

City Committee To Review Houston’s Historic Preservation Ordinance

City Council passed the historic preservation ordinance in 2010 to preserve more historic homes in Houston.

Four years later, the city’s Planning and Development Department is forming a committee to improve it. Continue Reading »

Aug. 28, 2014PR Log

Ellen appears on “Make It Happen With David Lorms”

Coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous” is what Houston Council Member Ellen Cohen said about how she and her late husband, Lyon, landed in Houston in 1977 when she appeared on “Make It Happen With David Lorms”, on www.KBRZSports.com, Friday August 22, 2014. Continue Reading »

Aug. 26, 2014Houston Chronicle

City to get dedicated bike lane downtown

Houston may get its first dedicated, on-street bike lane as early as October, as city officials prepare to convert one lane of Lamar Street downtown to a two-way cycling route connecting the popular Buffalo Bayou trails west of downtown to Discovery Green and points east. Continue Reading »